I have always liked the paddle boarding experience. I have been out on lakes and oceans, but was never instructed on what to do out there other than 1) try to stay on the board 2) have fun. With Krissy at Stand Up Paddle Club, we are getting clear direction on proper form, best practices, safety, physical/mental/social benefits...AND it is super fun! Her equipment is state of the art. Her energy is as exuberant and positive as it I know it to be in her everyday life! Her goal is to lead SUP-ers on their own personal journey into mind-body awareness, acceptance of what comes in each sweet moment, a love of summer and all its gifts, and challenging our ideas of what we are capable of or what we deserve. SUP Club is an experience, not just a work out. And if you fall off, it's like anything else in life - get right back up and keep keepin' on! LOVED MY EXPERIENCE!  -Jenni W.

I just took my first Stand Up paddleboarding class! We had a gorgeous day at Diamond Lake Beach, the sun and water were so regenerating. Krissy was so positive, energetic, patient and kind. She explained all the fundamentals so well, I had an amazing first time. This was the most fun exercise class I have ever taken! The view from the middle of the lake on a paddleboard was like walking on water. And we ended with a short meditation on the beach. Just spectacular! I highly recommend it! I'll definitely be there next week :) I can't wait!! -Cheryl K

One of my favorite nights of the summer! I had so much fun last night paddle boarding with Krissy, I can't wait to do it again. From start to finish it was a wonderful evening. Krissy took the time to get to know each of us, our experience level and what we wanted to get out of the evening. The lake is beautiful and we got some exercise, did a little yoga stretch and finished with a beautiful meditation. The night was complete with gabbing and laughing around the bonfire. Just the recharge I needed. Highly recommend! -Mary S.