Stand Up Paddle Club provides all equipment for all fitness classes.  Your class fee covers paddle board rental, height adjustable paddle, Personal Flotation Device and anchoring system. Please wear  waterproof sunscreen . First Aid kit is available if needed.


Because we will be on the water proper gear is important. We recommend a bathing suit with rash guard or long sleeve lycra shirt with SPF/UPF.  Most people paddle in lycra tights or swim tights if the weather temps are colder.  Dress in layers as temperatures on the lake can change.  Men can wear board shorts and rash guard and a windbreaker if necessary. We strongly recommend sunglasses with retainers and floatable hats (trucker hats) for sun protection.


Stand Up Paddle Club will monitor weather reports for inclement weather and wind patterns. Classes could be cancelled if weather reports indicate poor paddling conditions.  There may be opportunities to work out indoors or there may be re-scheduled classes due to weather.  No refunds will be made available due to weather conditions.